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Those were the days when we used to peep through the Science Laboratory windows to have a glimpse of the exciting working models getting prepared by our seniors under the able guidance of our Science teacher, Mr. T Charles Studd. The projects included interesting toys of high scientific values such as hydraulic cranes, tipper Lorries, fountain from the sky, mini thermal power station which used to work on steam with hissing sound. These exhibits were all slated to be showcased at the annual district science fair. We thought how fortunate our seniors were and we were eagerly waiting for our turn

Science class has become one of our favourite subjects in the school as it was taught pragmatically with the aid of live examples by our teacher. Needless to say, all our school teachers have this common trait of teaching the students. When we were in 8th standard we had the chance to work with our Sir. One day we happened to come up with a small idea and interacted with our sir who then asked us to work on the model after the school hours. Our joy knew no bounds. We informed our parents. They felt very happy. Our classmates praised us on how lucky we were to get a chance on project making. Since then our Schedule has changed! We started spending our time building the project sometimes we worked after the school hours upto 9 or 10 pm. At times when we were hungry and tired we used to eat our favourite hot onion samosas and irani chai from the Rio Hotel which is nearby. Then sir used to drop us at our homesduring late hours

Much of our model was built using the thrown away materials like file boards, wooden frames and other used automotive spares. We constantly experimented on our model. There were successes and failures during thetrials. After many trials and errors our model, Innovative Devices to prevent Rail Disasters was ready. We exhibited our Model in the District Level Science fair which was held for 3 days. This was our first exposure to the outside world where we had to explain about our model to the visiting students and teachers. This experience taught us how to talk eloquently. On the day of prize distribution our model was adjudged the best and we were awarded the first prize. For few moments we stood spellbound and thrust of joy burst out from our hearts. We ran up the stage and embraced the trophy. This was one of the most wonderful moments we had ever experienced in our life. We were lauded by the School Management, our teachers, friends and Parents. This encouragement fuelled our capabilities to actively participate in State Level Science Fair held at Guntur

We worked more vigorously than before. We upgraded our model adding strong material. At the exhibition, we had the opportunity to see many wonderful exhibits which included many innovative working models from all the districts of Andhra Pradesh. Now we had a tough task ahead of us. With the confidence instilled in us we took part. We played our roles of explaining the students and demonstrated the working of our model to the judges once again we bagged first prize at state level. These happy moments can never be forgotten. Our exhibit got selected to Southern India Science fair, 2003 held at kozhikode, kerala

As a token of appreciation, our management headed by Sir CB Namdev, provided blazers and funded us to upgrade our existing model. We toiled day and night in upgrading our model. We added a new unit to our projectnamed as mechanized salvage operations unit whose operations include rescue of passengers during rail disasters. After an overnight’s journey by train we reached Kozhikode and took part in the exhibition. It was a thrill in one student’s life meeting intellectuals and scientists visiting our stall at exhibition. Our model got selected as the best Individual project atSouthern India Science Fair Kozhikode, Kerala making us eligible to participate in the National Level Science Fair

Back at school everyone were astonished by our performance. Many newspapers and televisions countrywide covered the articles on our model. A private Rail Road Organization named "Balaji Rail Road Systems" showed keen interest in adopting our ideas. A businessman named Cheemakurthi Sathyanarayana had flewn down from Chennai and gave cash awards for our team 10,000/- each

After a series of successes we were seasoned to take part at the prestigious Nation level Science Exhibition 2004 held at Ranchi, Jharkhand. Our project entered the NCERT’s Project Manual. Our display has become the centre of attraction for most of the people visiting the exhibition and the newspaper photo snappers. The then Chief Minister Arjun Munda had visited our stall and was in all praise for our model. We had even interacted with eminent Scientists from all over the country whovisited our stall. We have learnt new facts Our hard work had its fruit. we received an award at the national level. We were excited and the joy during those moments cannot be expressed by any words

Back at school, our model's popularity has claimed the attention of the Central Government Railway Engineers who had visited to examine our devices to suit the implementation in Indian Railways. They said that it may happen in the future. We were happy for their words

A wonderful idea at school level has converged and created ripples on how to avoid rail disasters. Now our way of looking at things had changed after these events. We have modified our thinking and we wish to serve the nation in disaster management. Many of the students from my alma mater may join stream in channelizing their energies to bring about such novel ideas in serving the nation. Lastly we thank the school managementfor providing us encouragement and support for building up our career